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Client Highlight Series: Helping Hand Movers

We are so excited to introduce a new client working with POV! They are Helping Hand Movers (HHM), a family-owned moving business. For the past few weeks, we have been building their brand kit, revamping their website, and working on managing their social media accounts. Keep reading to learn more about each of these digital marketing techniques!

Building a Brand Kit: Our first step was to establish a brand identity for HHM through curating a personalized brand kit. We identified company fonts, colors, and the logo to compile into their branding kit. We created this personalized brand kit by analyzing their current brand identity such as their values and mission statements to ensure our kit maintained consistency with these elements. Overall, our completed brand kit included values, brand goals, the logo, colors to match this logo, and sample content. We aimed to maintain consistency and ensure that HHM’s values of family first, efficiency and quality were kept in mind as we developed a social media strategy for the business.

Website Revamp: With our finished brand kit, our next goal was to align all HHM platforms towards this consistent theme. After analyzing their current website, we realized that it was missing a few key pieces. Keeping their value of family first in mind, we wanted to implement more personalization and fun elements such as light-boxes or videos to boost interaction and reach. We created a layout that showcased all aspects of their brand to ultimately design a consistent and user-friendly website that was aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.

Social Media Management: To wrap up the brand establishment of HHM, our next step was to work on unifying their social media platforms. We did this by analyzing their current social media strategy and brainstorming ways to increase interaction and reach on their social platforms. We wanted to use the Instagram platform as a method for prospective customers to get a feel for the HHM brand, benefits, and services available. This included an increase in story posts including move day takeovers, moving Q & A, and an emphasis on business information on their feed. We used the established brand kit to create cohesive content templates and ensure that each piece of content was meaningful and aligned with the goals of HHM.

Through brand kit curation, we were able to ensure consistency in the website design and throughout social media management. We were also able to create a unified branding campaign for HHM. We are so excited to have the opportunity to work with this business and can’t wait to continue growing the Helping Hand Movers brand!

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