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Content calendars & IG transformation

Hello again, thank you for tuning into our weekly Point Of View blogs. This week's topic is content calendars & the magic of an IG transformation!

One, if you have not heard of a content calendar, you should google them immediately because they are a game changer. It is such an easy and convenient way to organize your content for the week and avoid the struggle of finding content day of. At POV Marketing Co, we send our clients a weekly social media calendar that lays out each post with captions. Something as simple as this can save your business a lot of time and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

(see image below for an example)

Now time for an amazing content transformation.... As you know, we have been working with a local business (Winifred Designs) on their Instagram content. Since we started, we have noticed a more clean & aesthetic look to their page as well as an increase in interaction and followers. Each photo is hand picked to ensure that it represents the brand and draws followers to the account. We are really proud of this transformation and hope these images serve as a reason for you to schedule a consultation today!




POV Marketing Co

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