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Digital Marketing Tool Box: 3 platforms every marketing business needs.

Welcome back to our weekly Point Of View Blog. This week we are going to be sharing our must-have marketing platforms that make our work easier. Also known as our marketing tool box of helpful resources and websites that help you effectively market your brand or business.These are all extensions of our business that helps us run an efficient digital marketing business. (All links will be attached)

Here are our top 3 marketing platforms that we can’t live without:

Loomly: If you are struggling with planning out your content and getting tired of manually posting it on a daily basis, then Loomly is the app you need! Loomly allows us to manage our content for months ahead of time for all social media accounts we work with. You can schedule each post for a specific day and time with captions included and Loomly will do the rest for you. Some other key features include SEO/key word filtering, marketing analytics and insights for every platform and multi-account management. For POV, Loomly has helped us manage our many social media clients and ensure we are gathering the most important data from their marketing campaigns.

Co-schedule: This is a new platform that our team at POV has integrated into our projects. Co-schedule is an all-in-one platform that integrates all the steps that go into planning, organizing and publishing marketing content. It includes an interactive calendar that allows you schedule out projects months in advance and stay organized by assigning projects or tasks to specific team members. Co-Schedule puts all our marketing information into one convenient calendar that can be accessed by all team members. It is very user friendly and allows you to integrate other accounts such as google docs, zoom and honey books. Running a marketing business can been overwhelming and co-schedule helps us in stay organized and on top of our new clients and projects.

Canva: Our team members use Canva for just about everything! It truly is the most beneficial marketing, advertising and content curation platform. Canva is a graphic design tool that makes curating content easy. It can be used for consultation presentations, content graphics, instagram stories, business cards and everything in between. The platform is user-friendly, easy to navigate and allows easy collaboration for marketing teams. One feature of Canva we love is the brand kit business tool, we are able to separate each of our clients and save their logo themes for easy content curation access. With a premium business membership, Canva can be an interactive platform for team members to share & edit designs. If you are starting out in the marketing game, Canva is definitely the first place to start.

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