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Learn about the Pinnacle Content Framework!

Welcome back to our weekly blogs! This week, we want to continue to share some of our knowledge on ways to increase your brand presence and business traffic! Our co-founder, Phoebe spoke to us about the Pinnacle Content Framework, one of the topics she is reading about in the book Be., written by Jessica Zweig. The Pinnacle Content Framework can help build a businesses' simple but expert digital strategy to effortlessly and effectively attract the right clients to grow your business!

The framework is a triangle split into four sections: Social Media Amplification, External Outreach, Secondary Content, and Pinnacle Content. Let me give you examples of how POV is trying to fulfill each of these ideas!

Social media amplification is at the heart of what we do. We take on clients and manage their social media--from creating posts and using software tools to create eye-catching Instagram stories.

No marketing consultancy company is complete without external outreach! This exposes our brand to audiences outside of our own. POV actively seeks out new clients whether that be creating Tiktoks or a simple DM on a social media platform!

POV's secondary content is what you are reading right now! That's right! With this blog, we aim to continually communicate our learning experiences with you all.

Finally, POV's pinnacle content is our free customized proposals that we send to anyone who inquires one for their business! This content takes the most time and energy to make. It's our premium content! If anyone would like a project proposal or to schedule a consultation meeting, email us at!

Stay tuned to learn more :)

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