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The 10 Evergreen Principles of Social Media

Welcome back to POV's weekly blog! This week, we interns got to attend a virtual social media advertising workshop run by one of POV's Co-founders, Phoebe! We learned all about the 10 Evergreen Principles of Social Media which we've summarized below! These are ESSENTIAL to implement in the present and future of social media marketing.

  1. Quality--The quality of the content you are making. We see hundreds of posts everyday, but what will we remember at the end of the day? Quality makes your post memorable.

  2. Consistency--Make sure to uphold a consistent brand image. Similar color scheme and brand voice all signal consistency!

  3. Partnerships--Connect with other accounts that have following similar to yours. Partnering with the right people can connect you to a shared niche audience. Micro-influencers are the future!

  4. Boomerang--Give other people those likes, comments, etc. It's a two way street.

  5. Nurturing--Focus on your audience and nurture their needs.

  6. Accessibility--Make sure people can easily find your company and respond in a timely manner.

  7. Tact--Build your platform authentically and make sure to convey your true self into your brand!

  8. Compounding--Make sure there is clarity in your message and consistency in time. Put in the work to gain an engaged audience.

  9. Integration--Bring your full authentic self to the Internet. Essentially, integrate your real-life online!

  10. Fun--People want to enjoy what they see. Many people view social media as entertainment so be creative!

We are excited to share more of what we learned in future workshops. Stay tuned for updates!


POV Marketing

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