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Three Easy Ways to Elevate Your Websites Design

Your website is the center point of your brand so having a meaningful platform that embodies your business brand is crucial. Here are three ways you can elevate the look and navigation of your site!

Use a consistent palette in themes, fonts, and graphics and keep it uniform across the entire site. If this is your first time creating a website, it would be best to import a pre-existing template that you think would work best for your site. Make sure that you use this same template–its colors, fonts, etc–consistently as you design your website. After all, consistency is key! Most website building platforms such as Wix will allow you to even import your logo and pull out those logo colors to be used in the rest of the website. To be sure you are using consistent colors, check your colors’ hex numbers! Creating a brand kit prior to building your website is a smart way to keep consistency. This brand kit will be your one-stop-shop for all your business’ main fonts and colors that you can easily refer to. It is also important to create uniformity with your graphics. Take a step back and practice viewing your website as a whole.

It is essential to make your site visual with graphics, animations, and photos. Sensory details make things exciting. Think about it like this: Why would a user want to interact and navigate your website thoroughly? Include many eye-catching visual elements to make your website fun and exciting to look at. It would also be a good idea to add interesting features such as light-boxes or animations. Remember, your website is a reflection of you and your business. Think about other websites you have seen and their unique elements that made customer navigation seamless and interesting!

This is your website–it represents you and your business–so remember to add a touch that makes it unique while also including basic website must-haves! Know what your brand’s competitive advantage is and be sure it is highlighted throughout your website. This can be portrayed through keywords, photos, and graphic elements. A competitive advantage is a product or service that distinguishes you from similar businesses. Dig deep to find this difference! At POV, our competitive advantage is our mood boards and social media feeds. Other consultancy businesses fail to neglect the importance of having a brand vision. At POV, we stress that importance and emphasize it within each page of our website. In addition to uniqueness, there are a few must-have elements you should include on your website. A contact form is essential. This is how customers or clients can contact you for questions or consultations. Make sure to link your website to social media accounts. This allows customers to view all of your digital platforms, and it creates a revolving stream of interaction throughout all social media accounts. Finally, make sure your logo is always visible and your website utilizes a logical layout that will maximize user experience.

By following this three-step layout, you will see that web design comes down to consistency, uniformity, and making your brand stand out!

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