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Who Are We?

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Hello Everyone!

We are Phoebe Gullingsrud and Oumou Barry, and we are very excited to officially launch our own social media consultancy. POV Marketing Consultancy is a social media-based business that provides companies with the tools to build their brand recognition and expand their business from a personalized point of view. Our services include web and digital, creative, and marketing. POV Marketing Co. offers personalized assistance to best reach your target market.

We competed together in high school at EP DECA and both found a passion for marketing through our business operations research project which qualified for international competition. The idea of POV marketing was created as a concept for our role play event. This past semester, we decided to launch the real POV marketing as an opportunity to gain first-hand experiences and continue to grow our marketing skills. It combines our love for marketing and working with others and is an awesome outlet to showcase our skills.


POV Marketing Co

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