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Digital Marketing & Branding Services

Are you looking to establish a brand identity for your business but not sure where to start? 

Our expert team at POV has all the tools and assets you need to ensure that your brand identity is uniform and reflects your business' core values. Scroll through our services and connect with us if you want to get started today.

Strategy Consultation

Cost: $150

In need of advice and direction on what your business should be doing in terms of digital marketing? This is the perfect service for you! Consultations consist of a one-hour Google Meets call to present our analysis of your company's current marketing strategies and ideas that will elevate your digital channels. To get started, fill out our client connect form with your business information. Our team will reach out to schedule a session! Prior to your call, we will run a detailed analysis of your current brand and competitors within your industry and devise a proposed strategy for your brand. Then, we will first present our analysis and ideas and open the floor to any digital marketing-related questions you may have! A strategy consultation is a great starting point to see if our ideas align with your company’s capabilities, culture, and intent and will leave you with data-driven strategies to optimize growth.

Brand Formation & Elevation

Cost: $50 per hour

Looking for help in creating your ideal brand or elevating your current business's branding? Our brand formation & elevation works to create the strongest and most memorable brands that will resonate and build a relationship with your target consumer. Regardless of if you are starting a brand from scratch, reinventing an existing business, or launching a new product, we are here to help with strategizing and creating your new image and strategy. Within this service, we will create your ideal brand kit which will overview the creative execution of your brand/product and a brand strategy that will establish how your brand/product will go to market.

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Social Media Management

Cost: $50 per hour

Screen Shot 2023-03-26 at 9.45.58 PM.png

POV Marketing Co. provides an array of options when it comes to social media management. We manage clients' social channels including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tiktok, and LinkedIn. On these platforms, we handle all things post-related from creating content to selecting hashtags to boost your post and executing your post schedule in a timely manner. For this recurring service, we will meet with you monthly to discuss your business objectives for the upcoming month so we can find the best strategies to accomplish your goals via your social media marketing plan. The additional pertinent responsibilities will be uniquely tailored to fit your brand’s goals and strategy – namely organic content, auto-publishing, paid ads, caption creation, and call-to-action tactics.

Content Curation

Cost: $70 per hour

Our team is filled with talented content creators ready to create high-quality and differentiated brand images, videos, and graphics to set your brand apart and increase your social presence! Prior to content curation, our team will create a strong strategy for the content to ensure you are getting the most out of your time. We will then run you through our plan to ensure you are happy with the strategy and creative vision. From there, we will gather all the necessary models and materials to make sure your brand visions come to life during the shoot. Following the shoot, we will professionally edit and/or photoshop all content to make sure they are ready to be used once they are shared with you.


Influencer Managment

Cost: $70 per hour


Not sure where to start with planning an affiliate program? No worries, POV Marketing Co. is here to help! We are experienced in partnering with influencers who can create meaningful brand content while also growing your audience. We do everything from building your affiliate marketing program via professional software to creating an ambassador acquisition plan and executing the plan with the right affiliates for your brand! We are experienced in coordinating contractual partnerships with influencers of any size and know how to intentionally select the right partners that can add the best value to your brand!

Website Design

Cost: $70 per hour

Because your website is the launch point for your digital platform, our objective is to create a seamless and aesthetic outlet for effortless customer navigation. With our help, you will have a fully functional website design tailored to your business needs and appeals to prospective customers. Following our initial review, we offer unlimited website updates. Our services include full-website development and hourly website updates. 

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