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Building Your Personal Brand Hologram.

Every business needs to think about their brand image. Creating a personal brand hologram is a great way start to build or revise what you envision your brand to be. A personal brand hologram has 3 parts: a headline, your brand pillars, and unique insights.

Your headline is an all encompassing definition of who you are. Think of it like this. If your name was the title of a book, what would be your subtitle or "tag line"? This subtitle, meant to describe more about you, is your headline!

Your pillars are 4 themes that supplement your headline. These are essentially the biggest values you and your brand hold. What's something you're passionate about that you want to showcase through your brand?

The unique insights add depth to your brand. These insights are how you can be distinguished from other brands. For example, many businesses may have leadership as a pillar, however the styles of leadership (these are the unique insights) helps distinguish a particular business among others.

We are working towards developing in each of these aspects. It takes time and a keen sense of self reflection to truly be able to represent a brand. Take your time! Check out the personal brand hologram template below to get started!

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