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Learn to Love Networking. Here's Why.

When people hear the word networking, they tend to let out a groan. Introverts, like me would probably say "Ugh, that's too much talking." But, in today's business world, networking is essential. And the good news is that developing networking skills is possible for anyone to learn, whether you are an introvert or extrovert!

Networking is all about being active. This can be anything from sharing knowledge or contacts, building relationships, and getting the help you need.

There are 2 categories of networking:

1) Strategic: This type of networking is planned. You already know who you want to talk to and know exactly what you want to say (aka you've already rehearsed in the shower).

2) Serendipity: This type of networking is unplanned. There are no expectations. But, it leads to conversation that helps establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

The best thing to do is to practice strategic networking. This type of networking will help you anticipate what could go right and wrong. And as you continue to practice, you will end up feeling more confident of your networking skills. Your confidence will help you be ready for those spontaneous conversations!

POV constantly uses networking skills to attract new clients/potential businesses, specifically in the social media world. From consultation meetings to social media marketing, we are continually working on building new connections. And just take a look at all the clients we have been able to connect with! Our use of networking has allowed us to help bring positive change for businesses--big and small!

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