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POV Rebrand: Embracing A Consistent Vision

"Your Brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points" - Jonah Sachs

These past few weeks at POV, we have been working tirelessly to reinvent our very own brand and create consistent platforms that showcase POV for our exact values. Although this has been a great undertaking, it is the foundation for marketing effectively and conveying your true purpose to your audience. Our main goals during this rebrand were consistency, simplicity, and transparency. The new POV brand is all of the above and we are so excited to share it with you all!

We focused on three different aspects of our business and curated a unifying experience for each platform:

Brand Brainstorm & Goal Setting

Our first step in this process was to draw out a mind map of who we are, brand goals, values, and what made us unique. This is the most crucial part of the process as it lays the foundation for all changes to be rooted in. While keeping these in mind, our goal was to ensure each platform conveyed these exact brand visions and allowed customers to understand our values regardless of the platform. In addition, we reworked our services to provide prospective customers an in-depth insight into what we can provide for branding, social media management, and website development. This also included revamping the POV logo and laying out all colors, fonts, and designs used for future content curation. Essentially, we created a brand kit for POV marketing.

Website Revamp

Our website was the largest part of this rebrand. Our website was outdated and out of line with the remainder of our brand. A website is the most crucial part of a brand as it is the unifying platform between all business assets. Our goal in our website renovation was to create an aesthetic page that provided customers with a seamless navigation experience and clearly laid out what we offer. With the help of Wix, we were able to create an interactive and eye-catching website that showcased POV Marketing through the lens of our brand vision. Rooting all changes in our brand goals helped to keep us grounded and consistent while still leaving room for creativity. As your business grows and expands, it is important to ensure all aspects of your brand are growing with it.

Social Media

Today, social media is a touchpoint to advertise your business and reach hundreds of prospective clients. With tools such as feed planners, Canva, and mood boards. We wanted to curate a consistent POV brand that would provide clients with an in-depth overview of our brand. Our goals for social media are to share marketing tips, provide consistent quality content and showcase a unified brand image. We achieved this by planning out content to align with our goals and ensuring that each post is meaningful and beneficial for our target audience. We integrated several campaigns to boost interaction including a marketing Monday IG story and weekly business affirmations. Our posts follow a consistent color scheme and draw in customers through the valuable content and layout of information.

Throughout this process, we have gained a clearer understanding of our own brand vision and are able to root all future content into that mind map. The key to drawing in new clients is to showcase the same skills within your own business. We are so excited to share these updates with you and hope this inspires you to focus on your own brand vision.

- POV Marketing Co

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